Specializing in sewing threads tube or cop with 2" - 4" traverse length yarns winding and to get good performance of TUBE final package.
This good final package is precisely made to pass rapidly through a sewing machine which can get efficient stitches without breaking or distorted and then to get better running status.
Stainless Slit Drum

Auto Circulating Lubricant Tank(Optional)

Easy-taking Bobbin Magazine

Vacum Tank

Touch Panel Monitor


Use the touch panel to preset the length of yarn, the production quantity, the lube roller speed and even the yarn deliver speed. You can check the conditions of the whole winding process form the home page.


Drum traverse system: The precise stainless slit drum with special hardened and polish treatment can lower the noise of the sewing thread winder machine.

3. Yarn speed can be preset from 400-1400 meters per minute on the touch panel of yarn winder machine for each spindle.
4. You can also preset the length of yarn on the touch panel for individual spindle. The yarn length is measured by computer with compensate length adjustment automatically. The accuracy: ±0.5%

Preset the lube roller speed panel on the touch for the lubricant percentages. The uniform lubricated threads due to the constant yarn speed

6. Electronic magnetic tension is controlling the tension individual spindle of the whole winding process, and then improves the quality of packages.
7. The straight path to get the good conditions of winding and it will reduce the hairiness of the threads.
8. Density adjusting device, precise, stable and reliable.
9. With yarn broke sensor individual spindle.
10. Standard machine with vacuum type oil tank on each machine for delivering the silicone oil automatically to lube the thread on spindle. With auto circulating lubricant tank and system are available optional. (One tank connects 16 spindles.)
11. High efficiency, it's easy to operate and it doesn't cost much too maintain our yarn winding machines.
12. Smart design, better for management and easy maintenance.

Package of shapes Tube Spool
NO. of spindle 4 SP
Available Traverse 2" 2-1/2" 3" 4"
Max. wound up dia 80mmØ
Yarn deliver speed 400-1400m/min
Main spindle speed Max. 10000 RPM
Power required 1HP/set (1/4HPx4)
Package of conicity 0°0'
Weight H.W.: 580kg / G.W.: 650kg
Measurement 2.26ML x 0.86MW x1.78 MH
Optional available

1. Heater elements of lubricant system

2. Auto circulating lube system (Cold Lubricant)