Technical data:

1. The wrapping cellophane is fed from the roll.
2. The wrapping cellophane is heat-sealable.
3. The machine automatically stops when no material (cellophane) is fed or in case the material (cellophane) is fed wrongly.
4. To feed the material (cellophane) are preset the length from the touch panel monitor for the different diameter of tube sewing thread.
5. Production: Up to 30 pcs per minutes.
6. Dimension of products: 

- Length : 40mm~80mm L

- Dimension: 15mm~40mm O.D.

7. Power required: 350 WATTS
8. Heating consumption: 0.2KW
9. Air required: 5 bars
10. Net weight and gross weight: N.W.195.0 KGS G.W. 345.0 KGS
11. Floor space: 130 cmL x 100 cmW x 190 cm H


The wrapping AW-8 type is designed particularly to wrap the cellophane with the tube spool sewing thread.
The tube sewing threads are placed manually into the cavities of the profiled in-feed conveyor as picture showed. The tube thread and material (cellophane) are held and carried in intermittent motion through the wrapping and sealing device to the outlet of the machine. A heat sealing element closes the cellophane by pressure, which a pneumatic device is fitted in the sealing device to ensure the perfect adherence of the cellophane.

Touch Panel MoniterIn-Feed Conveyer

Touch Panel Moniter               In-Feed Conveyer