Stainless Slit Drum
Auto Circulating Lubricant Tank (Optional)
Computer Monitor
  • Drum traverse system
    • The precise slit stainless drum guides the threads to wind up.
    • Drum with special hardened polish treatment is good for high speed running and it can also lower the noise.
  • Individual touch panel control system
    • Preset the yarn length on touch panel of the cross cone winder, then the computer will measure it with compensates length adjustment. It's accurate and reliable.
    • Preset the yarn deliver speed from 400~1400 meters per minute on touch panel and then run the constant yarn speed.
    • Preset the lube roller speed from 0~50 RPM for the lubricant percentages of the threads. The uniform lubricant throughout the packages of threads lubricated due to the constant yarn deliver speed.
    • Preset the product quantity; make it easy to manage the production efficiently.
  • Automatic bobbin magazine device
    • With non-bobbin detector and auto-stop system, the cone winder machine will shutdown when it stops bobbing.
  • Auto-Doffing and control system
    • Mechanical doffing system, precise and durable.
    • Doffing time 7~10 seconds.
  • Electronic magnetic tension device
    • Electronic magnetic tension controls the tension throughout the cycle of winding process to get the good quality of packages.
  • Auto circulating lube system and tank (Optional)
    • Auto circulating lube system filters the floss to ensure the lubricant quality given to lube with threads.
    • One lube tank can connect 20 spindles of 4 machines.
    • Hot lube system with heater control panel are available with option.
  • Density adjusting device, precise, stable and reliable.
  • With our yarn broke sensor, the automatic cone winder will stop automatically when the yarn is broken.
  • Computer auto-detect trouble happened and then display the reasons by caption, it's easy to maintain the condition of machine.
  • Suitable for all sewing thread winding and available from 20/6 to 60/2 yarn counts, nylon thread and viscose rayon thread…etc.
Traverse available 2" 2½" 4" 4" 2" 2½" 3½  "4"
NO. of spindle 2 SP/SET
Max. wind up dia 45 mm O.D. 85 mm O.D. 55 mm O.D. 85 mm O.D.
Max. spindle speed 10000 RPM
Max. yarn deliver speed 600
Package conocity 0°0' 2°20'  3°30' 0°0'-  2°20' 0°0'-  2°20'
Power required 1 KW/2 SP