Specializing in sewing threads yarns winding and to get good performance of A-cone final package.
This good final package is precisely made to pass rapidly through a sewing machine which can get efficient stitches without breaking or distorted and then to get better running status.

Drum Traverse System

Easy-Taking Bobbin Magazine

Nice Package Shapes

Lubricant of Oil Tank

Auto Circulating Lubricant Tank(Optional)

  • Drum Traverse System
    • The precise slit drum traverse guide system, no nap happened.
    • High speed, low noise and soilless in wind areas.
  • Easy-Taking Bobbin Magazine
    • Positive cone support at both ends, manual change the cones, simple and easy.
    • With easy-taking bobbin magazine on each spindle.
  • Nice Package Shapes
    • Individual operation with yarn counter for presetting the length, accurate and reliable.
    • With electric tension. tension are sinchronized to reduce gradually while the package make up increasing to ensure the smooth of surface and square shoulder edges.
    • Density adjusting device, precise, stable and reliable.
    • With auto stop motion of yarn sensor when yarn broke and over large packages.
  • Lubricant of Oil Tank
    • Standard machine with vacuum type oil tank to supply oil to lube the thread on each spindle. The percentage of lubricant are easily to set up and adjustable. with auto circulating lubricant system and tank are available on optional.(one tank connecting 16 spindles)
    • High efficiency, easy operation and low cost maintenance.
  • Other characteristices
    • High speed,high efficiency,easy and low cost of maintenance to increase the competition of sewing thread.
    • Excellent package wound up each cone, up-grade the quality of sewing thread.
    • Suitable for all kinds of s.p. thread,nylon thread,embroidery thread of rayon and polyester filament etc ....

NO. of spindle 4sp.
Package of Conicity 0°0' 2°20' 3°30' 5°57'
Max.Wound up Dia. 5" or 127mmØ
Spindle Speed 8000-10000rpm.
Yarn Deliver Speed 1000~1200m/mim
Available Traverse 4"
Capacity 125Ibs/4sp/8 hours
for S.P. Thread 40/2s
Power Required 1HP/Set (1/4hpX4)
Weight N.W.: 580 KGS
G.W.: 650KGS
Measurement 2.26 mL X 0.85 mW X 1.78mH

Optional available:

1.Heater elements of lubricant system.

2.Auto circulating lubricant system.(cold lubricant)

*The model AW-F5 good for 5" & 6" Traverse A&Y Cones*